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PuebloPlex Offers Additional Data Sets to Request for Proposal Responses

PuebloPlex Offers Additional Data Sets to Request for Proposal Responses

Through our Facebook Page, Twitter and website, the PuebloPlex is offering additional information that may prove useful in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) currently underway.

The following are meaningful datasets which may be of interest to you to help formulate your responses.  They are:

  1. Historic and/or relevant documents that are located at the following link: http://bit.ly/PuebloPlexRFPUpdates20141203
    1. Economic Impact Study Completed with Original Reuse Plan in 1999/2000;
    2. Organization Chart for the command structure of the Pueblo Chemical Depot (Army side);
    3. Notification of Interest from Cooperative Care of Pueblo;
    4. Notification of Interest from Pueblo Rescue Mission;
    5. Public Benefit Conveyance for the combined request by Colorado State Patrol, Pueblo Police and Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office;
    6. A brief (very brief) inventory of the buildings we have on our Master Lease Agreement (prior to the Addendum that is Exhibit 8 in the RFP).  It provides a high-level insight to known issues/state of repair as of the date on the document. It is used as a quick reference tool.
  2. http://bit.ly/PuebloPlexPhotosHistoricAndRecent – This is a repository of all known, publicly publishable photographs on the base. Some are historical/retrospective in nature.  Some offer aerial views of the Pueblo Chemical Depot.  The photos cover specific buildings and their location is noted in the title if specifically known. There are 408 items in that DropBox location; we have tried to avoid duplicates to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your involvement to-date.

Kind regards,

The Team @ PuebloPlex

Pueblo Chemical Depot LRA Seeks Firm to Prepare Reuse, Homeless Assistance Plans

The Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority – now known as PuebloPlex – issued a request for proposal (RFP) for Redevelopment Planning services on Monday, November 17, 2014 (9 AM MST).

As part of its duties under the Redevelopment Act for surplus property at the Pueblo Chemical Depot, the Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority n/k/a PuebloPlex is seeking qualified organizations through a Request for Proposal (RFP) for contractual consultant services in order to complete the Redevelopment Plan & Homeless Assistance Submission.

This work is to be performed under a Federal Grant (Section 12.607) from the Office of Economic Adjustment (U.S. Department of Defense) for Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Establishment, Expansion, Realignment, or Closure of a Military Installation (the Pueblo Chemical Depot).

This Grant assists State or local governments to: plan and carry out adjustment strategies; engage the private sector in order to plan and undertake community economic development and base redevelopment; and, partner with the Military Departments in response to the proposed or actual expansion, establishment, realignment or closure of a military installation by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Submission Deadline:

December 31, 2014 – 12 Noon MST

Submission Location:

Law Offices of Bethart Turner, attention Chris Turner

(See RFP for delivery instructions)

The RFP and its supporting exhibits may be only obtained electronically at the following link: http://bit.ly/PuebloPlexRFPDropBox

Qualified, interested parties who have questions should contact:

PuebloPlex – Michael J. Clarkson, Analyst and Project Manager

Building 85, Pueblo Chemical Depot

P.O. Box 11467

Pueblo, CO 81001