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The County of Pueblo is situated at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek along Colorado’s Front Range, 112 miles south of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, and 43 miles south of Colorado Springs.  PuebloPlex is a vast, emerging development 15 miles from the City of Pueblo.

What We Offer

PuebloPlex welcomes manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations, and rail-related industry opportunities on a vast site nearly 16,000 acres. PuebloPlex also offers business and personal storage facilities.


The Army’s Pueblo Chemical Depot, a proven facility once operated with 8,000 people, was realigned in 1988 by Congress pursuant to the first Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC). The Colorado legislature created the Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority (PDADA) in 1994 with a focus to redevelop the property, support job creation and enhance the tax base. The Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) formally recognized the Authority as the Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) for the Depot in 1995. In 2013, 15,847 acres of Pueblo Chemical Depot was declared surplus federal property and PDADA rebranded as PuebloPlex. The Department of Housing and Urban Development accepted PuebloPlex’s Homeless Assistance Submission and Redevelopment Plan in May 2016.


PuebloPlex is completing the planning process to support implementation of the Redevelopment Plan. The Redevelopment Plan provides the framework for future development of the surplus property, supporting industrial, storage, and research and development land uses, as well as rail-related industry.


PuebloPlex works to advance economic development within the community, collaborating with local economic development groups. PuebloPlex currently has tenants conducting manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations, railcar storage and maintenance, as well as numerous business and personal storage tenants.

Targeted areas for reuse or redevelopment include: 

  • Megasite | Mega Park
  • International Trade Zone
  • Manufacturing | Logistics & Distribution
  • Rail-Related Industry
  • Transportation Loading Facility
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research & Development
  • Business & Personal Storage


Generating quality enterprises and initiatives that promote sustainable, long-term economic development.

A vibrant and thriving economic engine benefitting the community. 


  • Agility
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence



  • Opportunity
  • Sustainable
  • Value
  • Responsive

Board of Directors

The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) members; three (3) members appointed by the City Council of the City of Pueblo, three (3) members appointed by the Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners, and one (1) member jointly appointed.  Members serve terms of four (4) years.

Allan McConnell, Chair
Term Expires: May 2028
Appointed by: County Commissioners


Kurt Madic, Vice Chair

Term Expires: May 2027
Appointed by: City Council


Patsy Cresswell, Secretary/Treasurer
Term Expires: May 2027
Appointed by: County Commissioners


Eileen Dennis, Past Chair
Term Expires: May 2026
Appointed by: Jointly Appointed, City/County


Ed Brown, Director
Term Expires: May 2025
Appointed by: County Commissioners


Jason Schierling, Director
Term Expires: May 2024
Appointed by: City Council


Associate Directors

COL Rodney McCutcheon, PCD Commander


Russell DeSalvo III

President & CEO


Chris Bolt

Vice President & COO

Laura Stalford

Program Manager

Breann Magnone

Executive Assistant & Public Engagement Coordinator

John Buttram

Analyst / Project Manager

Cari Herrald

Accounting Manager

John Chrisman, P.E.

Director of Planning and Development

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