Storage Igloos

Our storage igloos offer clean, secure storage with consistent, mild temperatures ideal for storing household goods, office records, equipment and vehicles. They are constructed of reinforced concrete and earthen covered. They do not have utilities, but maintain a year-round temperature of about 55° F.


Units are accessible 7 days per week during daylight hours.


Interior Size:  1,620-2,146 square feet

Interior Dimensions:  61'-81’ long, 26.5’ wide, 12.5'-13.5’ center height

Door Sizes:  4’x8’ │ 8’x8’ │ 10’x10’


All our units are currently full and unlikely to come available quickly.

Though a storage igloo may not meet an immediate need, it could fulfill a future storage need.
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Door Size



4' x 8'



8' x 8'



10' x 10'



*Rent rate increases 1% per year.

Insurance required.  Prices do not include a one-time cleaning fee of $250.


Agreements are pro-rated based on the start date through the end of the calendar year. Payments can be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.


Contact our office for more information regarding the insurance requirement to rent a storage igloo.

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PuebloPlex has a variety of ground level and dock high warehouse space available.  Check out listings here or contact our office for information on availability and pricing.


PuebloPlex has several thousand acres available for uses including outdoor storage.  

Check out listings here or contact our office for information on availability and pricing.

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